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Teitzel's Nursery

For the LOVE of plants this area just keeps growing!!!
From Palms to Natives, Ornamental, Ground Covers, Grasses, Herbs, Vegetable Seedlings and Fruit Trees.
To Juvenile to Advanced Plants...WE HAVE GOT YOU COVERED!

We are significantly proud to showcase our Fruit tree Section!  This section of our nursery has got everything from grafted to dwarf root stock!  First year stock to 4yr old Fruit Trees, all fruiting throughout the year!

With sustainable living on the rise, a edible garden only makes sense!!!
Try from the gorgeous Tahitian Lime to the Pineapple Orange, RED Kiwi Berries, Blueberries, Vanilla Bean Vines, Black Pepper Vines, many varieties of Mangoes, Lychees and Avocado!  Tantalise your taste buds with Pomegrante, Abiu, Strawberry Guavas!  Go Tropical with the ACHA ACHA,   Or maybe the Malabar or other wise know as the miracle fruit garcinia cambogia.  From grafted macadamias to cashews. Plumelo to a Rollinia. Plums to tropical apples and Figs!
The List could just go on!  

Like Natives?  Have a passion for Lilly Pillies?  We have a vast range of lilly pily available with one to suit every property.

Maybe a unusual vine like the Lady Slipper or Snail Vine!

We are that excited we wet our plants!

Lady Slipper VineLycheeBuddha Belly BambooLilly Pily
Crepe MyrtleKiwi BerriesTamarilloTiger Grass
GardeniaRhaphis Palmlipstick palmBaby Panda Bamboo
Tri FrangipaniHammerhead FrangipaniFirestick PlantMint
Licuala PalmDwarf MangoPomegranate TreesVanilla Bean Vine
Cacao TreeTree FernBirds nest fernSnail Vine

We would welcome the opportunity to deliver you the best service in the industry.